Columbia MO Homeowners Choose Decorative Accent Stone for a Distinctive Home

More and more, Columbia and central Missouri homeowners are choosing decorative accent stone to give their home a timeless, distinctive appearance. Whether your home is primarily wood or vinyl/steel siding, brick, or any other material, “faux” stone adds a touch of class and elegance to what in some cases would be a rather ordinary, average home. Decorative accent stone is a great way to set your home apart from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, and increase its curb appeal!

The great thing about this innovative exterior accent is its versatility. Many St. Louis homeowners hire professionals to install decorative accent stone in specific areas to create focal points, such as around a trio of beautiful windows from the ground up to a foot or two above the windows. Others enjoy having this ageless, charming look around the entryway, or surrounding garage doors. You can choose to “set off” particular areas of your home, or create an authentic stone look all over – it’s up to you.

Another benefit of decorative accent stone is that while it has the genuine look of real stone, it is lightweight and much quicker to install than actual rock or stone. Fire-resistant and every bit as beautiful as the real thing, no one but you will know that you haven’t gone to the time and expense of having genuine stone installed on your home!

There has always been something about stone that is solid, earthy, rich, and substantial. Set two homes side by side, one a white frame home with no accents, another a white frame home with decorative stone veneer accenting the windows and entrance way. Which one looks more appealing and more valuable? The answer to that is easy. Stone has a rich, sturdy appearance and gives a home depth. The great thing about professionals who specialize in the installation of decorative accent stone in central Missouri is the huge array of options including finishes that take on a gray, slate, or copper tone to the texture which can be mottled, rough, smooth, or cobbled. The look you enjoy on the exterior of your home is all up to you!

Why have an ordinary home that just blends in with the rest of the homes in your community and is really nothing special, when your home can be the envy of the neighborhood? Your home is your biggest investment, one that you should continue to maintain and update in order to increase its value, and make more appealing not only to your own family, but those who pass by.

At ABC Seamless, we offer decorative accent stone products and installation for discriminating homeowners in the St. Louis area who demand only the best. Give us a call today, and let us transform the look of your home!