Polymer and Vinyl Siding

Are you searching for polymer siding or vinyl siding contractors in St Louis, Columbia MO or Central Missouri?

Many central Missouri homeowners St. Louis, Columbia, and surrounding areas prefer vinyl or polymer siding for their homes instead of the more durable and lasting option, steel siding. At ABC Seamless Siding, our expect installation contractors are happy to install vinyl or polymer siding on your home, however we recommend steel siding for a number of reasons, including longevity, strength, and low cost of ownership due to the fact that it is low or no maintenance.

Even the best quality polymer or vinyl siding has its drawbacks. For example, many homeowners believe that vinyl siding is waterproof, however this is not the case. It is water resistant, which is not the same thing. Mold can develop if water should get under the siding via seams, cracks, or holes. Vinyl or polymer siding is also prone to fading over time, and can warp or sag in hot temperatures, or dent and crack easily under other conditions.

If you are a St. Louis or Columbia homeowner who is considering polymer or vinyl siding, you should also consider the fact that overall, the cost of ownership is higher because it is more easily damaged. Unlike steel siding, vinyl or polymer are materials that are more flimsy and flexible, and since installation requires nailing, it can be heavily damaged in a strong storm containing hail or high winds.

There is no doubt that many of the vinyl and polymer siding options available today are more durable and lasting than others, however there is no other type of home siding that compares to seamless steel. Central MO homeowners can expect seamless steel siding to last for decades, without warping, fading, peeling, cracking, and other damage that requires costly repair. When compared to polymer and vinyl siding, steel offers far superior protection in all types of weather conditions, from ice, sleet, and snow in winter months to sweltering temperatures in summer months with no melting or warping.

St. Louis homeowners will also be interested in knowing that steel siding is far superior in terms of fire resistance, resistance to insects, visible seams, and helping keep cold air out in winter months. Simply put. steel siding offers exceptional long-term durability. while vinyl and polymer siding do not. However, we understand there are homeowners who simply prefer vinyl or polymer siding, regardless of the pros and cons. We take just as much care installing this type of siding as we do with our seamless steel.

If you are still set on having vinyl siding installed on your Columbia home, our installation experts will do a superior job. ABC Seamless Siding is the number one trusted siding company in the nation, serving 40 states in the U.S. While we highly recommend seamless steel siding, we are happy to accommodate your needs if you prefer vinyl or polymer. Give us a call today to learn more about the options.

ABC Seamless
Box Steel Vinyl Fiber Cement Wood
Appearance of Seams
1 1 3 3
Fade Resistance
5 2 4 4
Chalk Resistance
4 5 3 3
Dent Resistance
4 5 5 5
Long-Term Durability
4 2 3 2
Resistance to Bitterness
and Cold Weather
5 2 4 5
Prefinished Color Range
2 4 5 1
Ease of Maintenance
5 5 4 1
Warranty Coverage
3 4 3 1
Insect/Termite Resistance
2 2 5 1
Warp Resistance
5 1 3 1
Rot Resistance
5 5 4 1
Moisture Resistance
3 2 2 1
Thermal Expansion Resistance
5 1 4 5
Choice of Profiles
1 1 3 4
Health Risks
5 4 1 5
Fire Resistance
4 1 4 1
Overall Rating 4.9 3.7 2.8 3.5 2.5