Thermal Windows Good for Central Missouri Homeowners?

If you are a central Missouri homeowner living in St. Louis, Columbia, or surrounding areas, you’ve probably heard more than once that when it comes to replacement windows or those for new construction, the only way to go is thermal windows. This type of window is supposedly more energy efficient, prevents heat loss/gain in summer or winter, adds value to your home, etc. Are all of the claims really true?

As trusted experts in siding, gutters, roofs, windows, and more for decades, we can address all of these areas so that as a homeowner, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not thermal windows are right for you.

You’ve heard that thermal windows can literally pay for themselves through energy savings. Is this true? Absolutely. About 40% of the cost of cooling/heating your home can be attributed to windows and doors. Thermal windows are far more efficient than older, single pane windows and generally are up to four times more efficient. By having this type installed in your St. Louis home, you can expect about a 20% to 30% savings on monthly energy bills during winter months.

How do thermal windows differ from the windows you have installed on your home currently? If you have only one sheet of glass in your windows, you know they are single-paned and not energy efficient. Windows that are energy efficient typically have two or even three panes, which is why less heat gets into your home in summer months, and less heat escapes during cold winter months.

The fact is, old windows often leak air, and can not only make your home uncomfortable, but push energy costs through the roof. With newer windows designed to prevent heat gain and loss, you will recoup the cost of the windows over time. It’s really a no-brainer, considering that without replacing, you will continue to pay exorbitant utility bills month after month, year after year!

The windows you have on your central Missouri home can make a significant difference in its value. Potential home buyers often have home inspections performed prior to buying, which will include the inspection of windows. Whether you are looking for bay and bow windows, single or double hung, slider casement, or swing and clean, you can enjoy a more comfortable home while adding to its value and curb appeal!

Learn more about thermal windows and all of the options by visiting ABC Seamless today. We are the experts in home renovation, providing superior quality products, installation, and service. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your biggest investment!